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The S&P Partner Network is the proven expertise tank. Ready to extend services per request.

International, impactful
executives and senior leaders. Fast in analysis and effective in implementation, in direct representation of your interests.

Business & Process Excellence John Müller    Website
New-/Outplacement Michael Hasler    Website
Gregor Reinhard    Website
Leadership Development Karin Jeker Weber    Website
Matthias Herzberg    Website
Career Profiling Katrin Wilckens    Website
Oliver Barth    LinkedIn
Coaching Barbara Mieg    Website
Fredy Diener    Website
Ulrich Scherrmann    Website
Legal Orlando Meyer    Website
Org. Development & Change Tibor Koromzay    Website
Andy Wild    LinkedIn
Anne Garavaglia    LinkedIn
Mergers & Acquisitions Verena Ostertag    LinkedIn

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